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What I have found in my several years of energy work (Alignment with your Higher Self/God/The Universe/Spirit/Source), some of us are trying too hard to fix some circumstance and its really not about fixing anything, but aligning yourself with your purpose and following your intuition... Feeling good and empowered is an inside job... we must travel the adventure of going withing and uncovering our core beliefs... asking yourself if your thoughts are truly yours or were they put upon you by circumstances and other people?... If you are looking to feel fulfilled and empowered... I am thrilled to teach you how to get in tune to your intuition... Everyone can do it with a little practice!! 

Imagine yourself feeling confident and harmonious on the inside and being able to step in any situation with authentic intention! 

Live the the Life your Soul came to Tell..What Story or cycles are you repeating?
What stride do you want to break free from and have clarity?

I offer the following teaching and energy alignments:

Meditation Teachings
 - $45 for 45 minutes / includes one meditation

Guidance for Aligned Soul-lutions
- $120 for an hour - also available for phone session

Chakra Cleansing 
- 90 minutes session - $80

         I also like to call it Emotional Yoga 
This is a relaxing treatment ... it can unblock of being stuck in a pattern.

Chakra means Wheels of Energy,
There are 7 major doorways of Life Force of Energy called Prana.  Chakras are consciousness centers that transform energy and interface between the dense physical world of the 5 senses and the subtle worlds of pure consciousness.  The Lotus petals indicate the frequency, vibration rate, and color of energy fields.

Cleansing Chakra's can help you achieve your highest good.

Coaching Sessions-30 minute session $60/1 hour session $150

    Sessions also available by Phone 512-689-5934

In this culture we are living in now, we are the most connected by technology and disconnected by human connection  We live in a push, pull, click, click society and we wonder why we are stressed and there is so much conflict, especially NOW.

I am here to help you connect with your higher self, the essence of your Soul.  Discover your unique blueprint, so that you may find the light within you and shine brighter than ever!  One by one we can change the world, but we need to start from within us.

We all have past wounds, whether from childhood, past relationships and/or somewhere along life's path we have have been hurt.  We must illuminate the wound and find where that energy is blocked.  This blockage needs to be shifted in order for you to Live the Life Your Soul longs for and the life you were intended to live.

You may not be responsible for your wound, but you are the only one that can heal it.

Learn how your limited thoughts are keeping you from living the life your Soul came to tell!

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